On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Same old, Same old

Darkstar log recap

I’ve been many things in my time. Thief, Rebel, Pirate. I’m not proud of a lot of things I have done in my past and I aren’t under any illusions my future will be rosey either but…

Few months ago I was contacted by Shannon. She told me I had a kid just dropped him on me. Telling me her life is to dangerous to have a kid around. Foodoo. Like my life is any easier? I’ve got the Sun breathing down my neck, a psychopath as a first officer, an Imperial Admiral as a Father and I’m expected to keep it all together for the sake of not only my crew and my ship but for now, my kid. I’m a Dad. Just saying it out loud seems weird. Hey, I’ll earn my money and I’ll be able to retire to Dantooine and settle down with my boy. Pay off Bargos and go home.

I’m trying real hard to get by in this Universe. To keep it together. To be the honorable man the military trained me to be. Look at me. I’m soft. I’m overweight. I just want to go out with my dignity intact. Then the Hutt let me down. In our time off-world Bargos has lost his power and influence with the Cartel. His water and food supplies are running low and we had to pay two thousand big ones just to land on the damned world. Of course wewere robbed. Our water stolen by people who honestly, deserve better. I feel bad for the people of Tatooine and the Rim in general, but hell if I tell my crew about that they won’t care. They aren’t interested in helping folk and I realise that now. You’d think I’d know better but you know what? I’m too much of a damned optimist to believe my crew are completely irredeemable.

Cavisek left. She told me her family was being held to ransom by the Empire and that she had to spy on us. That hurt a lot. I’m tired of the Empire. I’m tired of war. I don’t even miss Alderaan anymore, I just want to go home.

We found the stolen supplies. They threatened us with guns, I did the same. When I asked Rad to shoot the ringleader, he shot two of them for good measure. The bastards themselves got the last laugh. I’ve seen some messed up stuff in the Outer Rim but they strapped a bomb to a guys chest and blew him up just because we wanted more answers. I’d be interested to talk to this Minok-Man, I bet he and I could have a great chat over some whiskey for sure.

Arson was obviously angry. He certainly took it out on them. He didn’t have to tell me that he tortured a guy, and the Dug Doctor. I don’t know where Bargos finds these people. You look in his eyes and you dont see anything. No measure of a man. But I want to help them, I have to. My crew are a collection of outcasts, people who have lost their way and their heart and I’ll be damned if I can’t help them. If I dont, they are going to die. I am going to die.

I thought things were going to be better for us but they ain’t and I can tell they are only going to get worse before the day is done. I havent even had time to sit down and think about Echo Base and Shannon. Probably dead. All of them are dead killed by the Imperial War Machine in this endless war. I don’t even know how the Empire got there. I hope it wasn’t me. I was sure I changed my transponder when I met her, didn’t I?

Oh by the force, what have I done.

I need someone to help me before…

help me.



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