On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Part II: Crawl

More Machine

A long time ago…

In A galaxy Far Far Away…

On The Edge Of An Empire
Chapter Two: More Machine Now

The galaxy is in turmoil, The Evil GALACTIC EMPIRE is cracking down and hunting the REBEL ALLIANCE, whose minor rebellion has sprung into all out galactic civil war. There are heroes and villains on both sides. But where there is chaos there is opportunity. Noble Scoundrels and Devious Die-Hards alike and everything in between are just trying to make a profit amidst the conflict on the fringes of the Galaxy.

Galactic Politics has little interest to the intrepid crew of THE TRAVELLER, a motley crew of brave ne’er-do-wells attempting to keep their ship in the sky. it has been Six Months since the escape from the BLEAK SKIES FACILITY, and the crew has changed somewhat.

They are very close to ending their debt to their patron BARGOS THE HUTT, once the debt is paid they will be free to go and do whatever they want, with a good ship and a good crew, not even the sky is the limit….



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