On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Session 3 adventure log

Gail's first race.

So I’m sitting in the cockpit reading a book which I got on Tatooine called “To Tame a Hutt’s Heart”, It’s a bit trashy and the story is nonsense, but the characters are good and I like descriptions of the setting really make you feel like you know these people and their lives, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10.

Anyways so I’m sitting in the cockpit, reading and smoking, when Cameron shouts at me over the radio to open the hanger door, that something’s going on.

So I hop out of the ship and onto the landing pad but the damn door’s been locked and I don’t know the password, hell if I know who locked it, I never saw anyone approach the door. We get R4-T5 on the job though and it’s open in no time. Captain tells me there’s some one flying around in some sort of ship shutting down the shield generators, and since none of us can breath toxic gas it’s probably best if we stop that from happening.

So we take off, Captain on the gun and Rats as my copilot and we find the guy, in some crappy little cloud car zipping between generators and ripping their guts out. Not great shields on a cloud car turns out, and they don’t shrug off laser cannon fire too well either. In short he goes up in a fire ball and we go back to pick up the rest of the crew.

We set back down on landing pad B and pick up the rest of the crew, who tell me they’ve been having trouble of their own, but I stay on the ship and keep her warm whilst Garth and Mandel go pick up some safe of money, we skim a little off the top and take the rest back to Bargos.

I plot a pretty good course, I even manage to find a short-cut that gets us back to Tatooine in half the expected time it usually would. All they focus on though is my mistake the first time around, personally I think if you don’t have an up to date map then you can’t really expect your navigator to work miracles, but that’s a thought I’ll’ll keep to myself.

Back on sandy land we go see Bargos and I’m afraid to say I have no stomach for being belittled over and over so I leave the place to keep my cool to go check on Blue Moon, no change, some one stole my dice though, I’ll need to pick up some new ones, though it pains me, they were from Csilla.

We’ve got some time to kill after that before any new jobs come up so I think about making some cash for myself. I can fly, I can drive, why not a race I thought, it can’t be that hard. I opt to rent a speeder, foolish I learnt afterwards, they go for next to nothing second hand, at least I got a good condition one though for my first race.

So I pay my rent of the bike and I pay my entry, I pony up 2000 credits in total but I see the competition and I know I can win this, apart from Sebulba Jr, that boy’s got a mean look in his eyes and his hands twitch like he’s got a need to either keep them busy with a bike or a gun, and that’s a twitch that makes me nervous some.

Race is hard, far too hard for my first race, and I don’t know the track too well and I should have, I should have prepared better. It is my undoing in the end, and I dash my bike against the close walls of a narrow canyon, but until then I was winning, I’m a nobody and I was beating the top to win by a good long ways and that makes me feel like a star. I’ll do better next time.

I now owe a hard 4000 for the bike though and I made nothing from the race.

A boy died, a rodian name of HĂște, I didn’t know the kid but no one deserves a sniper popping a cap in their crown on their first race, seemed alright to me, a bad way to go man, a real way to go.

I was suspicious of Garth later, questioned why his shooters were full of sand and where he got his nice new scope, he wasn’t making sense and I felt like he was lying to me, which he’s not done in the past. The race organisers had footage of the shooter; same hight, same gun. He finally admits it when I get home, I worry he was trying to shoot me and he says he’d have killed me if he wanted, but he didn’t want to, not reassuring, and he still shot that poor kid HĂște for no good gods damn reason that I can see and he ain’t talkin’ just shut up in his room.

Captain said He’d talk to him for me, hope he does some good and knocks some sense into that boy, I’m afraid of him and his attitude towards me, I just feel so betrayed and let down, and I don’t think I be friends with a maniac killer that shoots for fun like that. We’ll see I guess. I hope we’ll see at least.



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