On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Mission Log: Cameron Darkstar

for your eyes only

From: Darkstar, Captain Cameron
Location: The Traveller. Captains Cabin.

I knew whatever it was Borgas wanted us to do, it’d suck. I was not disappointed. We were told to meet up with Bargos and his assistant to get given a new job. Personally I’d have rather stayed in Annabel with “Squirrel Girl” but whatever. We went over to his palace and had a run in with a few Gammorans who had an issue with the establishment.

- Interesting side note. Apparently Bargos’ workforce are overworked and under paid, not unusual for a Hutt but their grievance is such that I feel it’s an exploitable weakness. I dont want to be around for that.

Shoot out happened. Obviously we won as I’m writing this damned report. Bargos had bought himself an Iridium mine which we had to visit and report on. He says something about losing contact or something but to be honest I wasn’t listening that much, still recovering from a hangover you see. I left Blue to pilot for us and she got us lost. Three days worth of fuel, gone. It’s coming out of her pay. When we did finally arrive Doctor Roboto translated what became clear to us was a droid uprising. Great. I headed out first with the good doctor and we searched the immediate area, as soon as I found some trandoshan blood I called the crew to come follow. Its a good sized facility all things considered. Bargos can turn a healthy profit here I guess, eventually. The Admin Droid we were supposed to meet with was deactivated and had a restraining bolt placed inside him. Thats when we heard the wind outside. The droid told us this droid leader, self proclaimed freedom fighter, had decided to bring down the facility and bury it under dust and rock. I’m not entirely sure what his end goal is here. He certainly hasn’t thought things through.

My standing order at this point was that I return to Traveller with Tuber and head outside with Blue to find the droids on the surface and shut them down before they destroy all the generators. Garth, Arson and Squirrel Girl are to head into the mines and confront the droids. Garth had a nervous twitch or something and I think it’s best if that hamster goes wild. Under the supervision of Arson of course.

This is probably the last message I’ll send. If thats the case you’ll… ermm… shit. Why can I never think of suitable one liner.

Darkstar, out.



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