On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Log one. Bleak Skies Prison Facility

I do not enjoy doctors poking and prodding and detaching parts of my body,
I do not deserve to be in here. I was placed here by stupid errors and stupid mistakes done by my “Captain” and his stupidity.

Fuck the Rebellion. A jumble of bored privileged children that ran off at the first chance they could to play “Hero” to the system they don’t like. Well congratulations you got a planet destroyed, the lives of those Alderaanians are on your shoulders you motley collection of toothless farm hands and princesses.

I assaulted the doctor giving me the physical which has resulted in myself alone being stuck in the “Unwanted alien” section of this prison, luckily (or this may just be a blunder) I was put in with a member of the Black sun by the name of Obsidian Sun. He has explained that he wants the overseer deceased for killing his brother. I will assist to my best ability.

They allow us an hour outside every two days, One bowl of grool and entrails for food a day and keep watch constantly. This is not a small facility. I wonder how they monitor us all.
I recall on the ship there was a mechanic. I will need to chat to her at some point.

Food for Flesh
A initiative within this place, Humans are allowed to torture for extra food. My torturer was my own beloved captain Darkstar. Who tortured me to unconsciousness because he cannot control his own temper.

Upon my release from the initiative I discovered another Trandoshan who had, had a similar time. His torturer had gone over board and had turned him into a snivelling wretch. I cannot allow the other races to look upon Trandoshans as such. We are a proud and fearsome species. I killed him with a swift claw to the temple and secured myself a place in solitary.

I have proven myself able to fight and kill. Its what they want here from us. During the fights prisoners are able to mingle and watch. This will give my cohorts an ability to meet and plan. I only hope they aren’t stupid enough to waste this opportunity .

These prisoners are under the boot of Human oppression. I will breed insurrection



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