On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Escape from Bleak Skies

Imperials, Black sun and rebels, the worst combination. I know I wanted an exciting mechanic jobs where I get to travel, learn new things and money for my clan, but for the mess I’m in now, I feel I should have stayed at the mundane ship yards.
The mission to the graveyard of Alderaan was a disaster, it was a trap set for some princess, I did get told who, but at this moment of time I’m beyond caring. We got catch by the Imperials after a failed escape. Captain told us to give up and promised us he would look after us, I believed him.

We were all interrogated before being dumped into the Bleak Skies Prison Facility. My interrogation wasn’t too bad, I had no interesting information for them apart from the location of the ship, they already knew where it was they wanted to see if I would lie, but Selonian don’t lie. Guess that made things a bit nicer for me well that and the deal they forced me into, not sure the clan going to be fully ok with this, Drarkira next call going to be fun.
The prison Facility wasn’t nice for us “aliens”, we’re separated from humans, lucky I was classed as a valuable alien so got things a bit more cosy. I meet a Twi’lek called herself Shar’Vida she had a wookie friend Hawwaa, I felt it best to make friends quickly, and a strong wookie always good for protection.

Whilst in the yard I could see the humans on the other side but no Dark star, there was also no sign of Abbie also, hope she ok. There was a few Trandoshan in gangs couldn’t recognise Sob…sobeck, I don’t know only just met the thing before all this crap.
I was greeted by a very timid Bith called himself Jenkins. As nice as the guy seemed his squeaky award voice made him seem nervous, weak and the size won’t help him either in a place like this.
We were taken for a check-up and an interview with the man in charged Rupert. He asked for my help with repair I’m very willing if it mean I won’t appear on this horrid food for flesh initiative. Humans are allowed to torture aliens for extra food, it’s sick and I made sure he knew that.
The next day I was took to do some repairs on a guard droid it had an error were it was recognising some other alien species as human guards easy to fix and infect. I change the program so it would recognise Selonian as human guards won’t take long till it infect the whole place. They asks if the droid was working fine, it was working perfectly for me so we won’t class that as a lie.
Later on the whole system went down and we were able to escape not sure how this happened but me Shar’Vida and Hawwaa weren’t going to question and head out for an escape. We were greeted by guard droid but they were in my command great a mini army for support. We manage to meet the Trandoshan he had a strange creature with him but no time for question they said we needed to get the code of Doctor Halcard for us to get to the shipping bay. When we got there it seemed everyone on are crew was having the same idea. Darkstar was there with tuber’s head, I didn’t inquire like I said before no time for questions. There was a human, it was Arson, not what I was expecting under the mask, so plain looking. Them Justin comes in looks like he’s been brawling, Arson doesn’t want him with us, but I stick up for him, the more of us the more chance of escape…maybe.
The Trandoshan and his friend got the code and had an issues to deal with Halcard, I didn’t see but now knowing there black sun members, I imagine it was brutal.
We head to the tram system I had to leave my droid army as there no room, gutted at least now I know how easy it is to hack them. It a one way system to and from, I manage to get the tram moving only for us to be greeted by another tram with Imperial guards. Dark star mangers to convince them we’re just guards to. This gave me time to lock them in there tram and send it back so finally we got to the hanger bay.
In the hanger bay was lockers for some reason are stuff was there maybe they didn’t have time to move it, don’t know why I was questioning it? We got are gear and headed to the ship but it had no wrap drive, still we needed to get out of here. We took the risk only to be greeted by fighters. We couldn’t risk another space battle so we crashed to the nearest planet. So now we’re all stranded in a jungle like area. Not sure what we’re going to do now.



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