On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Cavisek log

So we were at the mines we had uncovered a droid revolt lead by EV8 a supervisor droid. We had to split into 2 teams Tuber, Darkstar and the Chiss were to find the droids on the surface and shut them down before they destroy all the generators. Whilst Garth, Arson and I were to head into the mines and confront the droids and find out if there any surviving miners. When we got to the mine area there were a lot of worker droids and EV8 but since we knew about the revolt we knew it was best not to trust them. They tried to get us to enter the mines but we refused ending up in a fire fight. I had to run as I’m just a mechanic (really need to get a gun). Luckily Garth and Arson are fine shooters so we all managed to escape taken a few droids out. We ended up going to landing bay B and had found out the other team had stop the place from being destroyed we also found what appeared to be there escape ship. I went into check it out only for us to be confronted by EV8 and the rest of the droid. They threaten us with explosive on the ship unless they could use it to escape, but I found out he was lying by manically searching for the keys to the box with his fake explosive. They were despite to leave like us. Arson manger to struck a deal with the EV8 letting his droids go free on the ship if he would come with him, I can’t believe it worked, I wonder what deal Arson made with the droid for him to willingly aspect a restraining bolt.
We returned to Bargos and I let the other crew tell him about the situation in the mines. I hate these meeting as I have to watch them all bullshit each other. They make it look so easy I kind off envious of it sometime but mostly just nervous, luckily being a lowly mechanic Bargos never directly talks to me, thanks god as I feel I would just get us in more shit them we already need. Turns out Bargos didn’t even win the mines, not surprised, makes it fair that Arson didn’t tell him about the full amount in the safe that we all pocketed, Geese I’m starting to agree with lying, I really have been hanging out with these scumbags too long.
We had the rest of the day to ourselves. The Chiss, who’s really moody at the moment maybe it because that psychopathic…what Darkstar always says “hamster” was mocking her for getting lost. Well anyway she decided to enter a speeder race which we all decided to watch well except Garth who wanted to try and help the Chiss win by sneaking into the game and shooting the other racers, His crazy ass violent ways don’t shock me anymore and trying to persuade him otherwise is pointless, for a self proclaiming intelligent creature he’s, well a retard.
The Chiss was doing really well to begin with maybe didn’t even need Garth help still he tried shooting at one in first and missed so like any rational being would went for last one killed him, I guess he’s good at something mindless brutality, oh and escaping. I went to get Darkstar a drink as he kept reminding me I owed him one whilst flirting with some Togruta ladies. I’m sure he’ll just hit on anything but still he and the Tuber are the nicest ones to me on the ship so can’t help but have a soft spot for the guy. When I returned the race was over as the queue was massive (I was stuck between some Gands for an hour man there breathing so annoying). The Chiss had crashed and trashed the speeder but lucky to have her life. When we saw her after the race she was stressed out about the debt she had required, poor thing.
Whilst everyone returned to the ship I went to try and get some Armour, as we seem to be getting into more combat them I expected so I better be more prepared. There was nothing good maybe I’ll have to ask Bargos, he seems to be able to get anything, they did give Darkstar an imperial suit.
I got back to the ship to find the Chiss and Garth auguring. She was very upset at her so called friend. She had found out he was shooting but she seems to have it in her head he was shooting at her. He wasn’t but at the same time he wasn’t exactly nice or apologetic about the whole thing. I have a feeling this is going to cause even more unnecessary tension aboard. Dark star was prancing around in his Imperial gear and suggest we should go for a drink, in fact with other Imperial this wasn’t the best idea and I called his bluff, which was a mistake as we ended in the bar (Mental note when it comes to the imperial Darkstar will not back down.) It finally hit him that this was a silly idea but them some Imperial came up and Dark star stubbornly wanted to drink with them, he wouldn’t listen to me so I decided the best course of action was to head to the ship and get some help as the last thing we need is Imperials on are back.
The Chiss went in to try and get him out, Garth doing what he does best decides to blow a buildering up to get the imperial away from Darkstar. It worked but still why is it we all ways end up blowing stuff up, Arson told me to go in and get them whilst they legged it. When I went in the bar it didn’t seem too bad the Imperials were ready to sort out the destruction but there was something that had upset dark star.
So we all got back and it was more auguring and drunken captain antics, he wanted to fly to Nar shadaa luckily Arson got him to his quarter to sleep which is where I want to go but the Chiss and Garth are still at it so I thought I’ll write this log
As for are next adventure we were offered a cargo job by Bargos but Darkstar and Arson seemed more interested in picking up bounty’s on Nar shadaa. Darkstar earlier had drunkly informed me (this is norm for the tragic man) it’s a bad place, perfect for this lot. I’ll see if I can get some parts for the ship might be some rare stuff at the black markets. Maybe even upgrade the droids well not EV8. As fascinating as he is there the possibility he might just escape the restrain bolts and murder us all. Arson really should let me tinker with him so he’s less of a risk but I can’t help but think that he’s got some dark plans a head, better keep in both there good books and an eye out.
Cavisek out



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