On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Alderaan - Ten years ago

Imperial Academy, Alderaan.

Graduation Day:

There we were, the 89th Battalion of Alderaan and I felt great. I had been waiting for four long years to get here and it wasn’t easy. I was reckless when I first got here, a teenager with disillusion of grandeur, I was shown quickly that impetuosity was not to be tolerated. My Father was in hindsight rather lenient with me. He let me ride along with the Killik Gang. He let me chase girls instead of goals. I guess I spent 16 years trying to see how far I could go before he snapped. Well his upper limit was the family Theta Shuttle. “Occulus” took me to Ord Mantell before Commader Armitage Darkstar found me.

“So. You want to be a pilot, son?”

Thats all he said. No raised voice or Imperial Family Values speech. He just took the helm and said nothing for the two days it took us to get back. I had never felt so bad. I knew, finally, I had upset Dad and I guess that was the moment I decided to make something of myself and head out there and do everything I can to please him. I was enlisted into the Alderaan Imperial Academy under the tutelage of a female officer by the name of Private Daala. She wasn’t much older than we were which made her easier to talk to, and easier on the eye. I went out of my way to impress her as much as my own Father. Military tactics, the Art of Warfare, Ground Strategies and Command tests were things I nailed. I was convinced I would become an Officer in no time. The night before our written examinations we were given free roam of the town as a test of our professionalism. They figured if we could avoid any trouble then it meant we were ready for the responsibilities that await. Suffice to say, Toni Andalese met me in the bar. He told me we should get the old gang back together before we went on our separate ways. He never liked the Empire, but it didn’t stop him from being my friend. Afterall I had access to my Dads speeders. Staying up all night drinking and joy riding the Killik Mounds once again really helped me feel free from the stress I put myself under, but it meant I didn’t exactly pass the exam with flying colours. I was given but two options by Private Daala, I either low officer role and work my way up, being transferred from medical ship to medical ship. Not exactly the sort of stuff that makes you an Admiral.

The second option was to enlist in the flight corp. Become a fighter pilot. I had of course heard the stories of the short life spans of those TIE pilots but before I could turn her down I remembered my Dad when he found me outside Ord Mantell “So, you wanna be a pilot, son?” – I accepted.

Arson Mandel's Background

Arson Mandel Character Background

Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Nar Hekka
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Personality: Sociopath, Sadist (think Dexter, but doesn’t need a ‘killing fix’ every now and again, he’s not addicted to causing harm on others, but he does enjoy it)
Father: Orson Mandel (Deceased?)
Mother: Ameline Oreia (Deceased)
Siblings: None

Born into slavery, Arson was put to work as early in his life as was possible, working as anything from a pickpocket, to tracker and informer. His parents had him earn

his keep, making himself useful to the local Hutt, Tagta. The more useful he was, the less likely he’d be disposed of.

At some point in his early life, his ownership transferred from Tagta the Hutt, to one of his underlings. From there, ownership transferred every few years, often lost in a game of Sabacc or Pazaak, or on a bet of some description.

Pickpocketing was the small and easy work. There was minimal risk for a child as their hands were small enough to gain entry into a man’s pockets without them noticing. Sure, you could possibly strike lucky and find a small fortune, but you’re just as likely to find nothing at all. No one on Nar Hekka is here because they on a financial up. Should the patron catch a child pickpocketing, the punishment was scarcely ever more than a sharp jab or kick, before being forced to relinquish your steal.

Tracking could pay more, providing you were available to the right people. A bounty hunter can pay a good price if they aren’t willing to draw too much attention to themselves. The downside is it requires a vast amount of patience. Furthermore, adults can gain entry to many places a child can’t. During these times, ingenuity and coordination are often key. Being able to climb a loose gutter and then figure out where in the building the target would likely be, would make the difference between eating that day, or not.

Informing was by far the most dangerous. It’s a tricky thing to gain information valuable enough to be sold. It’s even trickier to make sure that that information can’t be forced from you. The best method for this was to make friends. Sell it to them for a more meagre price, or sell it alongside them for a larger price, and then split the takings. There’s far too many variable to really go into too much detail regarding this line of work.

Arson was given a quota with his work. Regardless of the means, he was expected to bring home a certain amount of credits each week. Achieving the quota would result in a higher quota the next week. Failing the quota would result in a mix of beatings, lack of meals, locking away for extended periods of time, burns, strangulation, drowning, sleep deprivation, etc. Punishments were always varied and creative.

You may think this all sounds truly abhorrent. Arson would disagree with you. This was his life, and he quickly grew to love it. The constant challenge, the risk of death on many an occasion, the morbidity of the entire world he lived in. If this was a way to truly live, to really see life and death for what it was worth, this must be it.

Arson saw his first body when he was 8. Or should I say, Arson made his first kill when he was 8. As a tangent, it is likely Arson had seen a dead body before this time. Many a person could be seen lying in the streets throughout his life, and bloodstains often littered the roads on particularly dire evenings. But Arson was taught never to approach these scenes. It was a known ploy after all, lie in the street and mug the first person who comes to check if you are okay. Only a fool would approach. No, much better to not investigate.

Back to the kill. Arson doesn’t remember it too well. It was his first, and was certainly not an interesting or entertaining death. Selling information to some small-time crook. A few steps of the plan had gone awry, and if it weren’t for a well placed kick to the scrotum, and their subsequent relinquishment of their hold-out blaster, it could have been made a lot worse for Arson.

He does, however, remember their back and forth before the kill.

Crook – “Whoah whoah whoah, kid. Kid, drop the gun, kid, c’mon.”
Arson – “…”
Stepping forwards. Crook – “N-now c’mon kid. Gimme that gun. You’ll hurt someone with that.”
Arson – “…”
Nearly in grabbing distance. Crook – “Now kid. You’re not gonna shoot me with that. You wouldn’t do that. You couldn’t kill a-”
Shoots the man in the head. Arson – “…”

Arson does think to himself every now and again what the crook would have referred to himself as had he let him finish the sentence.

He had been given so much freedom during his time as a slave, that the term barely applied to him anymore. Still, the contract remained. Arson struck up a deal with his owner, a booze hound who went by the name Lipsan Owens. Grant Arson freedom, and he’ll become a loyal Bounty Hunter. Arson had to pull together 5000 credits to buy his own freedom. But by the age of 19, no longer than a year and a half after the deal was made, Arson had all the money together, and bought his own freedom.

There were of course, limitations to his freedom. Clauses in his contract stopped Arson from going off-world, and he had to report in to Lipsan every few days. Despite being a free man, Arson barely felt any different regarding his circumstances. 5000 credits poorly spent.

Luckily, the contract was shoddy in every measure. Not only did it grant very little freedom for Arson, but it had no contingency should Lipsan pass away. The second his Lipsan’s name popped up on the bounty boards, you better believe Arson took advantage of it. He even left his contracted cut of the bounty, it’s just a shame Lipsan was too dead to spend it.

At the age of 21, Arson was finally able to get off Nar Hekka for the first time. He took his time to explore the galaxy. Relying on a mix of budgeting and working during his travels, Arson was able to see much of Hutt Space, and even went as far out as Kashyyk.

While there are many stories to tell of Arson and his travels, the one most important right now would be how he came to meet up with his current crew.

Agreeing to a courier service with Czerka, Arson was to move some exotic plants from Kashyyk to a vendor on Tatooine. He was requested to do nothing more than escort the freighter, ensuring that the crew on-board the ship didn’t decide to go AWOL. According to his Czerka contact, this crew had had a troubling history of botched jobs. Arson was hired as ‘moral support’. The initial meeting with the crew was a rather tense endeavour. It was to be expected when a bounty hunter holds papers stating he’s got a place on your ship. What he imagines to be the crew’s muscle decided to test the waters with Arson. After beating Arson rotten, they decided he wasn’t a threat, and allowed him aboard. To not do so would likely void their contracts with Czerka, and that would not be good for anyone.

Arson healed his wounds and kept watch of the crew throughout the journey. No action was required, so none was taken. Upon arrival at Tatooine, the pilot dropped dead out of the blue. Arson, being in the cargo bay at the time, was helpless as the ship came crashing down a few kilometres outside Mos Espa. By the time any chance of help arrived, the rest of the crew had either been crushed or burnt to death. Arson, the only one near to the only escape pod, haphazardly stored in the cargo bay, survived by flying it straight through the hull of the ship.

With the crew dead, and the ship and shipment destroyed. All eyes turned to the Bounty Hunter. Never mind that he’d just lost all his gear in the crash. There was little Arson could do to deny the blame of the crash, and subsequently fell into a large amount of debt.

Arson quickly hailed the local Hutt, an odd Hutt who went by the name of Bargoss. Arson asked for the means of a ship and crew, and that he would be happy working off payments if only for some aid. Through various means, Arson was soon paired up with a mish-mash of of individuals. Certainly more capable than his previous crew, but capable? Arson is yet to determine.

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Part I: Crawl

A long time ago in a galaxy far,far away…

The Edge Of The Empire
Part I

It is a period of unrest and opportunity in the galaxy. The Galactic Empire struggles to maintain control in the midst of civil war. It has been two years since the Empire’s defeat at the Battle of Yavin.
Meanwhile, scoundrels and smugglers, explorers and expatriates, and fringers of all types scramble for a living on the edges of galactic civilization. It is a hard life, but these renegades have more freedom and opportunity than any citizen of the Core Worlds.
On the desert world of TATOOINE, A few such renegades return to MOS ZABU to celebrate a job well done. A motley crew of outcasts. Unaware of the coming events, and the parts they will play in things to come…

Mission Log: Cameron Darkstar
for your eyes only

From: Darkstar, Captain Cameron
Location: The Traveller. Captains Cabin.

I knew whatever it was Borgas wanted us to do, it’d suck. I was not disappointed. We were told to meet up with Bargos and his assistant to get given a new job. Personally I’d have rather stayed in Annabel with “Squirrel Girl” but whatever. We went over to his palace and had a run in with a few Gammorans who had an issue with the establishment.

- Interesting side note. Apparently Bargos’ workforce are overworked and under paid, not unusual for a Hutt but their grievance is such that I feel it’s an exploitable weakness. I dont want to be around for that.

Shoot out happened. Obviously we won as I’m writing this damned report. Bargos had bought himself an Iridium mine which we had to visit and report on. He says something about losing contact or something but to be honest I wasn’t listening that much, still recovering from a hangover you see. I left Blue to pilot for us and she got us lost. Three days worth of fuel, gone. It’s coming out of her pay. When we did finally arrive Doctor Roboto translated what became clear to us was a droid uprising. Great. I headed out first with the good doctor and we searched the immediate area, as soon as I found some trandoshan blood I called the crew to come follow. Its a good sized facility all things considered. Bargos can turn a healthy profit here I guess, eventually. The Admin Droid we were supposed to meet with was deactivated and had a restraining bolt placed inside him. Thats when we heard the wind outside. The droid told us this droid leader, self proclaimed freedom fighter, had decided to bring down the facility and bury it under dust and rock. I’m not entirely sure what his end goal is here. He certainly hasn’t thought things through.

My standing order at this point was that I return to Traveller with Tuber and head outside with Blue to find the droids on the surface and shut them down before they destroy all the generators. Garth, Arson and Squirrel Girl are to head into the mines and confront the droids. Garth had a nervous twitch or something and I think it’s best if that hamster goes wild. Under the supervision of Arson of course.

This is probably the last message I’ll send. If thats the case you’ll… ermm… shit. Why can I never think of suitable one liner.

Darkstar, out.

Cavisek log

So we were at the mines we had uncovered a droid revolt lead by EV8 a supervisor droid. We had to split into 2 teams Tuber, Darkstar and the Chiss were to find the droids on the surface and shut them down before they destroy all the generators. Whilst Garth, Arson and I were to head into the mines and confront the droids and find out if there any surviving miners. When we got to the mine area there were a lot of worker droids and EV8 but since we knew about the revolt we knew it was best not to trust them. They tried to get us to enter the mines but we refused ending up in a fire fight. I had to run as I’m just a mechanic (really need to get a gun). Luckily Garth and Arson are fine shooters so we all managed to escape taken a few droids out. We ended up going to landing bay B and had found out the other team had stop the place from being destroyed we also found what appeared to be there escape ship. I went into check it out only for us to be confronted by EV8 and the rest of the droid. They threaten us with explosive on the ship unless they could use it to escape, but I found out he was lying by manically searching for the keys to the box with his fake explosive. They were despite to leave like us. Arson manger to struck a deal with the EV8 letting his droids go free on the ship if he would come with him, I can’t believe it worked, I wonder what deal Arson made with the droid for him to willingly aspect a restraining bolt.
We returned to Bargos and I let the other crew tell him about the situation in the mines. I hate these meeting as I have to watch them all bullshit each other. They make it look so easy I kind off envious of it sometime but mostly just nervous, luckily being a lowly mechanic Bargos never directly talks to me, thanks god as I feel I would just get us in more shit them we already need. Turns out Bargos didn’t even win the mines, not surprised, makes it fair that Arson didn’t tell him about the full amount in the safe that we all pocketed, Geese I’m starting to agree with lying, I really have been hanging out with these scumbags too long.
We had the rest of the day to ourselves. The Chiss, who’s really moody at the moment maybe it because that psychopathic…what Darkstar always says “hamster” was mocking her for getting lost. Well anyway she decided to enter a speeder race which we all decided to watch well except Garth who wanted to try and help the Chiss win by sneaking into the game and shooting the other racers, His crazy ass violent ways don’t shock me anymore and trying to persuade him otherwise is pointless, for a self proclaiming intelligent creature he’s, well a retard.
The Chiss was doing really well to begin with maybe didn’t even need Garth help still he tried shooting at one in first and missed so like any rational being would went for last one killed him, I guess he’s good at something mindless brutality, oh and escaping. I went to get Darkstar a drink as he kept reminding me I owed him one whilst flirting with some Togruta ladies. I’m sure he’ll just hit on anything but still he and the Tuber are the nicest ones to me on the ship so can’t help but have a soft spot for the guy. When I returned the race was over as the queue was massive (I was stuck between some Gands for an hour man there breathing so annoying). The Chiss had crashed and trashed the speeder but lucky to have her life. When we saw her after the race she was stressed out about the debt she had required, poor thing.
Whilst everyone returned to the ship I went to try and get some Armour, as we seem to be getting into more combat them I expected so I better be more prepared. There was nothing good maybe I’ll have to ask Bargos, he seems to be able to get anything, they did give Darkstar an imperial suit.
I got back to the ship to find the Chiss and Garth auguring. She was very upset at her so called friend. She had found out he was shooting but she seems to have it in her head he was shooting at her. He wasn’t but at the same time he wasn’t exactly nice or apologetic about the whole thing. I have a feeling this is going to cause even more unnecessary tension aboard. Dark star was prancing around in his Imperial gear and suggest we should go for a drink, in fact with other Imperial this wasn’t the best idea and I called his bluff, which was a mistake as we ended in the bar (Mental note when it comes to the imperial Darkstar will not back down.) It finally hit him that this was a silly idea but them some Imperial came up and Dark star stubbornly wanted to drink with them, he wouldn’t listen to me so I decided the best course of action was to head to the ship and get some help as the last thing we need is Imperials on are back.
The Chiss went in to try and get him out, Garth doing what he does best decides to blow a buildering up to get the imperial away from Darkstar. It worked but still why is it we all ways end up blowing stuff up, Arson told me to go in and get them whilst they legged it. When I went in the bar it didn’t seem too bad the Imperials were ready to sort out the destruction but there was something that had upset dark star.
So we all got back and it was more auguring and drunken captain antics, he wanted to fly to Nar shadaa luckily Arson got him to his quarter to sleep which is where I want to go but the Chiss and Garth are still at it so I thought I’ll write this log
As for are next adventure we were offered a cargo job by Bargos but Darkstar and Arson seemed more interested in picking up bounty’s on Nar shadaa. Darkstar earlier had drunkly informed me (this is norm for the tragic man) it’s a bad place, perfect for this lot. I’ll see if I can get some parts for the ship might be some rare stuff at the black markets. Maybe even upgrade the droids well not EV8. As fascinating as he is there the possibility he might just escape the restrain bolts and murder us all. Arson really should let me tinker with him so he’s less of a risk but I can’t help but think that he’s got some dark plans a head, better keep in both there good books and an eye out.
Cavisek out

Session 3 adventure log
Gail's first race.

So I’m sitting in the cockpit reading a book which I got on Tatooine called “To Tame a Hutt’s Heart”, It’s a bit trashy and the story is nonsense, but the characters are good and I like descriptions of the setting really make you feel like you know these people and their lives, I’d give it a solid 7 out of 10.

Anyways so I’m sitting in the cockpit, reading and smoking, when Cameron shouts at me over the radio to open the hanger door, that something’s going on.

So I hop out of the ship and onto the landing pad but the damn door’s been locked and I don’t know the password, hell if I know who locked it, I never saw anyone approach the door. We get R4-T5 on the job though and it’s open in no time. Captain tells me there’s some one flying around in some sort of ship shutting down the shield generators, and since none of us can breath toxic gas it’s probably best if we stop that from happening.

So we take off, Captain on the gun and Rats as my copilot and we find the guy, in some crappy little cloud car zipping between generators and ripping their guts out. Not great shields on a cloud car turns out, and they don’t shrug off laser cannon fire too well either. In short he goes up in a fire ball and we go back to pick up the rest of the crew.

We set back down on landing pad B and pick up the rest of the crew, who tell me they’ve been having trouble of their own, but I stay on the ship and keep her warm whilst Garth and Mandel go pick up some safe of money, we skim a little off the top and take the rest back to Bargos.

I plot a pretty good course, I even manage to find a short-cut that gets us back to Tatooine in half the expected time it usually would. All they focus on though is my mistake the first time around, personally I think if you don’t have an up to date map then you can’t really expect your navigator to work miracles, but that’s a thought I’ll’ll keep to myself.

Back on sandy land we go see Bargos and I’m afraid to say I have no stomach for being belittled over and over so I leave the place to keep my cool to go check on Blue Moon, no change, some one stole my dice though, I’ll need to pick up some new ones, though it pains me, they were from Csilla.

We’ve got some time to kill after that before any new jobs come up so I think about making some cash for myself. I can fly, I can drive, why not a race I thought, it can’t be that hard. I opt to rent a speeder, foolish I learnt afterwards, they go for next to nothing second hand, at least I got a good condition one though for my first race.

So I pay my rent of the bike and I pay my entry, I pony up 2000 credits in total but I see the competition and I know I can win this, apart from Sebulba Jr, that boy’s got a mean look in his eyes and his hands twitch like he’s got a need to either keep them busy with a bike or a gun, and that’s a twitch that makes me nervous some.

Race is hard, far too hard for my first race, and I don’t know the track too well and I should have, I should have prepared better. It is my undoing in the end, and I dash my bike against the close walls of a narrow canyon, but until then I was winning, I’m a nobody and I was beating the top to win by a good long ways and that makes me feel like a star. I’ll do better next time.

I now owe a hard 4000 for the bike though and I made nothing from the race.

A boy died, a rodian name of Húte, I didn’t know the kid but no one deserves a sniper popping a cap in their crown on their first race, seemed alright to me, a bad way to go man, a real way to go.

I was suspicious of Garth later, questioned why his shooters were full of sand and where he got his nice new scope, he wasn’t making sense and I felt like he was lying to me, which he’s not done in the past. The race organisers had footage of the shooter; same hight, same gun. He finally admits it when I get home, I worry he was trying to shoot me and he says he’d have killed me if he wanted, but he didn’t want to, not reassuring, and he still shot that poor kid Húte for no good gods damn reason that I can see and he ain’t talkin’ just shut up in his room.

Captain said He’d talk to him for me, hope he does some good and knocks some sense into that boy, I’m afraid of him and his attitude towards me, I just feel so betrayed and let down, and I don’t think I be friends with a maniac killer that shoots for fun like that. We’ll see I guess. I hope we’ll see at least.

Arson Mandel's Mental Log #1

After electing to split the party. Our dear captain chose the safe option of returning to the ship, leaving Garth and myself to find the inevitable plethora of homicidal droids waiting for us. The good news is I can trick Garth way easier than I can trick the Captain.

Cavisek was sent along with us too, I still don’t quite get her.

We went through some storage room and through a workshop. Cavisek and Garth said they saw some interesting stuff. I doubt it was more interesting than the body in the oil bath.

All hell broke loose when we went to the mine entrance. More droids than I could count, and a supervisor droid with a silver tongue. We quickly dispensed with the pleasantries. They were slowing me down anyway.

We made good work of half the droids before having to fall back. The supervisor droid made a quick escape, but I already knew where he was going. Locking the door and sprinting back to the faulty lift, I was unsurprised to discover that it was in fact fully functional. Droids are smarter than I give them credit for. At the top of the lift was some old freighter. A corpse lay nearby, and I had Cavisek go ready the ship.

Before too long, that damn supervisor droid showed up again. The remainder of his militia in tow. We had him at a disadvantage and he knew it. That didn’t stop him from sauntering up though. He pulls out some switch and claims to have high explosives on-board. I didn’t believe a lick of it, but had Cavisek do a quick search. Carelessness is not how I die.

I strike a deal to let his militia on-board in exchange for his presence on our ship. Garth gets a twinkle in his eye and makes an excuse about grabbing equipment. Small plans for small minds I suppose. This gives me a moment of privacy with the droid.

“Here’s a restraining bolt”, I said.
“Pretend it works”, I said.
“You’ll never be trusted around my crew after your misdeeds”, I said.

We slap the restraining bolt on and he starts his act. He’s smart enough to know I’m his one route off this stinking planet. Works for me. He starts throwing around pleasantries like ‘Master’. He’s already trying to play me and Garth isn’t even back yet. No matter.

He tells us where out payment is and Garth and I go collect it. 165k, 129k after Garth and I get our cut for doing the dirty work. All this talk of pirates can make these scenarios a confusing thing indeed.

We meet back up with Cavisek and the others, who’re now also on Landing Pad B. In all the excitement we had almost forgotten about the miners. They turn up fine.

21-BR does a half decent job of patching up my stun wounds. Those things make you all kinds of disoriented. But for some self awareness droid 21-BR is, it doesn’t seem to show it much. I was under the impression those droids liked to speak out a whole lot more. This one seems pretty quiet to sit tight and not say a peep.

A hop, skip, and hyperjump back to Tatooine lands us an easy payment with Bargoss. He asks for a simple courier service as his next work. Bespin is where he wants us to go.

I don’t want to stand around in this guy’s slime trails too long. He’s trying to stick us here and I’m not fond of Hutts. I convince the Captain it sounds like a twist, and we scarper. I point his gaze to Nar Shadaa, where every job is a dangerous job, and danger pays well.

The Chiss girl makes talk of a swoop race. I’m not for betting, but Garth talks of taking pot shots at racers, so I consider joining him. He then tells of a large bet he’s made on the Chiss. Like she could ever win. She can barely fly a ship, I doubt she’ll fair much better on-planet. With interest fading, I caught up with Cam and waited out the race.

It all turned out as predicted, more or less. Aphrigail took her losing out on Garth. I’ll make a point not to be around whenever she’s competing in future. Garth messed up his shooting, gaining a small bounty on his head in the process. I’ll make a mental note of that. With time, that bounty might be worth collecting on. But not now, no. But if Ahprigail doesn’t stop with her incessant shrieking, I’ll take Garth’s gun and rags, chop off her legs, and cash her in for the bounty. I doubt the crew would mind that much anyway.

She doesn’t consider the rest of the crew when she’s chasing down Garth or the captain. She may have to live with Garth, but we have to live with her. Selfish is most definitely the word.

I thought that would be the end of it for the night. But something pushed Cam over the edge and he ended up in some cantina talking up some imperials. I didn’t know he swang that way. I started coming up with a plan to get him out of there, and Gail runs in, shrieks at him some more, and as I’m making a fast exit out of there. She pulls a gun on one of the imperials.

I made a quick beeline back to the ship, and everyone shows up a couple ticks later, like nothing had happened. How they didn’t get shot to shit, I will never know.

I can see all this going one of two ways. Either these guys are the death of me. Or I will be the death of them.

+++ Data Backup - The Traveller's First Assignment +++
+++ Backup in Progress - Session 1 & 2 +++

+ Commencing recording playback +

I was introduced to the new crew of The Traveller inside a rather generic Cantina in Mos Zhabuu. I will admit that I do not understand the obsession Organics appear to have with the consumption of such dangerous toxins. I was not surprised to witness a pair of intoxicated patrons having a bit of a ‘scrap’, over what does not concern me. I repaired the loser, no Organic shall die on my watch.

Shortly after, we were summoned to Bargos’ Palace. When we arrived, it was apparent that the Gamorrean guards were slightly agitated. It appeared that there was some issue within Bargos’ staff.
At our audience with Bargos, we were informed of our task to review an establishment that Bargos had recently acquired. We were to journey to an Iridium mine on Gavos, make a report, and collect Bargos’ first payment.
As our audience came to a close, a group of angry Gamorrean guards burst into the throne room and threatened Bargos and us. We easily dealt with the attackers, unfortunately 4 Gamorreans were irreparably damaged. We left the palace, facing no issue in getting back to the Traveller and leaving for Gavos. [NOTE: internal computers state that the journey took longer than should be expected. Matter is of no concern, all crew members face no immediate dangers]

Arriving in orbit of Gavos, The Captain intercepted a binary transmission from the mining facility. I was requested to translate, and we discovered that there appeared to be some form of Droid uprising within the facility. Mistress Aphrigail brought The Traveller down to land safely, and The Captain and myself disembarked to try and take stock of the situation. After gaining access to the facility, the rest of the crew joined us, leaving Mistress Aphrigail and my friend R4-T5 to guard the ship. Working our way room by room, we encountered a number of deceased Organics that I was unable to repair, we left them and continued deeper into the facility. Within the Admin Office, we encountered a Droid that had been rendered inoperative by a Restraining Bolt. Mistress Cavisek carefully removed it, and we learnt that EV-8D3, the facility’s Supervisor Droid, had become slightly restless. We moved onto the Manager’s office and discovered that EV-8D3 had taken over the facility, deactivated the Organics we previously encountered, and trapped a larger number of Organics deep within the mines. Using security footage, we also discovered that they had sent another droid out in a cloud car, coinciding with a warning that a number of generators (that were required to keep the facility safe for Organic life) had come offline. The Captain and I headed back to the ship in an attempt to prevent any further generators going offline. We managed to track down the offending Cloud Car, and The Captain fired upon it, taking down the target with ruthless efficiency. Upon our return to the facility, we discovered that Master Mandell had made a deal with EV-8D3, and that they would be joining our crew for a short while. Masters Mandell and Garth then proceeded to share out surplus credits from the payment we had come to collect. With all the threat out of the way, we proceeded into the mine to inform the surviving Organics that they were safe, and that they could leave for recuperation should they need it. All our business taken care of, we returned to the ship and made our way back to Bargos for payment.

While in dock, the crew decided to take some shore leave to blow off stress (I have heard that Mistress Aphrigail took part in a Swoop Race. I do wish that she wouldn’t put her life in danger for a handful of credits, I do not want to be trying to repair her should she damage herself by destroying her Swoop).
Whilst they were away, EV-8D3 approached me with some odd questions. They asked whether I would stand by them in the fight to rid Droids of their Oppression. I responded that it was against my ideals to wish harm upon any being, and they called me a Race Traitor. I do not understand. It is my wish that Organics and Droids were able to live such that I do not need to repair anyone. How does damaging Organics further our cause?
When the crew returned to the ship, Master Garth and Mistress Aphrigail appeared quite agitated. I was unable to ascertain precisely why, I will do some research to see whether there is anything I may do to repair them…

+ Recording playback terminated +

Aphrigayl's Diary 2
The Derelict and a Speeder with free hands.

Picture the scene, there we all are, sitting about the common room table, glancing concerned and frightened looks at each other as Garth tries in vein to thrust a Detonite trigger into my hands.

He’s got that look on his face, the one he gets when he thinks he’s being clever and making a good point. This time though it’s just weird and misguided and awkward, and I quickly leave the table to the cockpit after Mendel already gave me the example, and I hear the thwack of a fist hitting and muzzle and the captain shout “What is wrong with you? GO AN APOLOGISE TO GAIL NOW!”

It takes him about 15 minutes to make it into the cockpit, by which time I’ve already lifted off, plotted a course to our next job on Na-Shada and entered hyper space, so smoothly I might add the rest of the crew were unaware we’d even jumped. He doesn’t open the door, just knocks sheepishly and stands there looking at his feet like a shamed little schoolboy that’s been caught throwing pebbles at frost-frogs, all indignant and magnanimous that he’s not really done anything wrong. Eventually though after a little prompting from Cameron down the hall, he does indeed say the words “I’m sorry” ears flat and hands wringing. He’s not a bad person I don’t think, he’s complicated, and he needs looking after. I don’t have any other family.

Na-Shada makes me nervous, but everyone goes out shopping and checking out job boards like it’s some quaint little village, not a care in the world. I decide it’s probably a good place to get that Razalax FC-20 speeder I’ve had my eye on. I find a place, I don’t remember the name all chop shops look the same to be truth be told, it’s grimy inside and the sound of grinders and hammers rings loud from the back of the establishment, whilst workers with thick goggles and few teeth are seen pushing hard broken and scuffed speeders round the back of the building. Yeah, this is the place for me.

I guy offers me a second hand speeder for 2000 credits, which is fine by me, it’s the asking price and I expect he sees a lot of them. What he doesn’t see, but which I do whilst checking it over, after a pair of severed hands have been removed from the handle bars, is a hidden switch that reveals a concealed blaster from the front, very useful. I pay the man what he’s asked for, not what he’s owed.

I walk it back into the Traveller and park it in the small speeder bay we have in there, picking up some green paint and an airbrush on the way. Other people return with their purchases
and we stow away for take off to the Derelict, our next job, I’m not exactly up on the details, I was busy checking my speeder but We were flying in to some clone wars era carrier to pick up some treasure hunter who has a trinket, something like that.

We find the Ship floating, gently spinning in space, all the lights are on and the blast doors to the hanger are open, but she’s badly injured, shot the pieces on her under side probably from surface to orbit fire and she’s not moving, just a drift, but we’ve been told she jumps around on occasion. I land The Traveller in the port side hanger bay.

There was a Firespray painted all silver and black in here with us at the other end of the hanger, looked like no one was home but I could see the auto turrets track the movement of the crew as they disembarked to check the ship for their bounty, they didn’t fire but that didn’t calm my concern none. I left R4-T5 in the cockpit to watch the sensors and I sat in my flight suit on the board ramp to watch for anyone coming back to the Firespray.

I awoke with a little jump, I must have drifted off and some sound awoke me. E3 appears from under the ship, he makes me very nervous, it’s his eyes, they never flicker or focus on anything else, they always point the direction his head is, and all his statements could be said to be veiled threats… I don’t like him. He said he was fixing some coupling under the ship which I don’t think was a lie but then i don’t think that’s all he was doing either, I let the captain known over the comms.

The carrier goes dark, the gravity goes off, and the feeling of everything drawing far away, like all the light is pulled away from your eyes as that familiar feeling of launching into hyper space sinks like a stone in my gut. We’re travelling the galaxy at hyper-light speed in a tunnel of primordial sub-space and this beast doesn’t have any astrogation data younger then 30 years. I get the feeling we’re all going to die and there’s nothing I can do.

We drop out of hyper space of a jolt and systems come back on-line, I make an astrogation, we’re in the same system as Gamoria, that’s a days’ travel for us, but about 10 minutes for the Carrier, we need to get off this thing before we all show up inside a sun.

Eventually I notice a movement in the cockpit of the Firespray so we hail it, Rats and I, and find that there’s an R3 unit in there waiting for the return of it’s owner, who has been missing for 7 hours now when she said he’d only be a couple. Garth comes back to the hanger eventually and we wait out the return of the captain and the rest of the crew chatting on the boarding ramp. That is until frantic shouting comes over the comms that Cameron and Mandel are under fire, and eventually an unidentified woman tells us to destroy the carrier’s engines to shut down power to the carrier before the captain and Mandel can in some way destroy it, I’m not clear on the details of what they’re doing.

We get back on the blower to the R3 unit and convince it that if it doesn’t help us it’s owner is doomed, so it does the best it can, he shuts down the ship and it’s self. WE get aboard, our mechanic sorts out the passwords and manages with program in a flight path for it, keeping rotation with the spinning carrier, and we pull up next to the engines, guns trained on it. Then Cameron tells us to stand down… I love being jerked around.

Garth and I sit in the Old Moon, as we found out it’s name from the now restrained R3, and after discussion on The Traveller of what to do with the bounty, to which I was not privy, I plot a course for us back to Tatooine for the both of us, we leave the Derelict with updated astrogation for it’s single inhabitant, an old man that’s part of the ship now… stranger things have happened I suppose.

On arriving at Tatooine we get a transmission from The Traveller telling us to go to Na-Shada, mmm getting jerked around again, great, it’s not that hard to make a decision on a destination is it, wasting fuel here people, it doesn’t grow on trees.

We arrive back on the moon of Nalhutta, I hadn’t missed it. I think we’re going to sell the old moon and hand over the bounty, should make a nice tidy sum to help pay off the debt. Bespin next, I can’t wait, I can see some people of education like myself.


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