On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Transmission. Hsskors sun 1.0

Log 1

Hsskors sun to Krayts sun.

I have arrived on this crippled bantha they call a ship, there is dead vermin in the airlock, wrapped in a sheet, im not sure why they haven’t disposed of this yet but on boarding I am told it was an ex crew mate that had been in conflict with another member of the crew.
Darkstar, his first mate, a Selonian, mechanic, strong looking if a little testy when probed with a strong male presence but all in all a creature of use.
They ask very little, Darkstar
My quarters aboard this ship are small. I situate myself in their mess hall and observe the crew.

A Chiss,
Name: Gayl,
Sex: Female,
Role: Pilot
Weakness: Irrational, Unpredictable. Undisciplined
Advantage: Pilot, Chiss Clawcraft

A Human?
Name: Arson Mandell
Sex: Male
Role Bounty hunter,
Weakness: Violent, Sociopathic, Clashes with crew.
Advantage: Bounty hunter

A Selonian
Name: Carvisek
Sex: Female
Role: mechanic
Weakness: Defensive about sexuality, Ship is valuable to her.
Advantage: None determined

A Human
Name: Cameron Darkstar
Sex: Male
Role: Captain
Weakness: All ready filed.
Advantage: None determined

A Droid
Designation: 2-1BR
Role: Doctor
Weakness: Droid. Hippocratic programming
Advantage: None determined

The crew seems displeased with my coat it seems to put them on edge with me. Their unpleasantness at other religions will be noted.

We arrive at the graveyard of Alderaan. This is a place haunted by the memories of the humans that once lived here, destroyed by the empire as a sign of strength.
The captain is saddened by the wreckage, I was made aware he was from Alderaan so this is not a shock.

We land on an asteroid where the captain believes there is a palace still standing.
The Empire is here, Imperial soldiers appear and herd us inside using blaster fire. Like Tauntaun’s off a cliff we run into the building. This is a trap, they are leading us into a trap.
This palace is certainly a thing of beauty. I believe Xizor would enjoy living inside such majesty. I will send co-ordinates of this asteroid so you may send a team out for salvage.

Speaking of salvage.
We find a crew of pirates pilfering and they begin a firefight.

Darkstar was almost hit by their captains laser blast. I was told to not allow him to die. I shielded him with my own back and was knocked down by the blast. The fight went on and once the doctor had shoved a stimpack into my neck I awoke and delivered a bolt into the Twilek captain who shot me. I should have taken her tendrils for the trouble but on killing one of the unconscious crew mates I was met with the droid and crew’s disapproval.
They do not appreciate the code.
When you defeat an enemy you must destroy them completely, only then are you free from vengeance. If the pirate returns. They are to blame.

They are soft, a soft crew is not what we need in this organisation. I will attempt to toughen them up.
The captain proclaims I should carry the twilek. Whom had been shooting us and was perfectly fine killing any of us. No, lets see what happens if I question him.
the hunter attempts to enforce the captains orders when unexpectedly the Selonian pips up and says she will carry her. I can feel Darkstar getting angry and frustrated and the crew watching him crack.

There was another firefight. I am already hurt but this one was with imperials. A contingent of storm troopers and an officer in tow, but as before we shoot them down easily enough. This crew is disorganised when not in battle but when given a bit of a push they organize quickly.

Alone stood a man, Not imperial, Not pirate but Alderaanian. A man who Darkstar apparently trusts with all the conviction in the world as when probed about the possibility of this being a trap I was met with extreme anger.

The scene ahead of us was this. A large hangar bay with an Alderaanian ship ready to leave, except between us and freedom was another contingent of stormtroopers, this one ten men strong.

Darkstar motions to a shield generator for the hangar bay in the ceiling and the crew takes aim and fires, only myself and the bounty hunter manage to hit. I am beginning to wonder if their abilities in combat are flukes.
The shield generator does explode however and ten soldiers are blown out to their deaths.
I will go on record as saying this.
I informed darkstar of the Chiss’s lack of mag boots. I told him to use his rope to lash her to himself incase of sudden depressurisation. This happened. She was almost blown out as his rope snapped but I managed to grab her by the ankle.
The crew will not remember this as they seem focused on ones failures.

We get onboard the ship and take off… Directly into a squadron of tie fighters. The empires meddling in our affairs is becoming a thorn in my side.
After a short battle in which we manage to hold our own the brave captain Darkstar panics and surrenders.

This is the end of my transmission as I’m sure we are about to be boarded.




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