On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Darkstar, Captain Cameron - Imperial Prison Log 21.IA

Imperial Star Destroyer, Warmonger.

That is not how I expected things to end. The job seemed relatively easy, go to The Graveyard, scout around for information, get back out. Obviously I can’t write down too many names Grayson, I know you’ll be reading this log so long story short, we were paid to gather information and thats it. I never expected my crew to spring a trap set for Leia Organa. Amazing really all the resources you Imps possess and you’re struggling to find one teenage girl.

I feel a level of guilt for my crew, they are my responsibility. The psychopath, the thug, the droid, the getaway driver and the tinkerer. Ever since I became a TIE pilot I always preferred being alone and then you bastards destroyed my planet. I like being alone, makes heartbreak none existent but fate had other ideas, and damn it all if I’m not going to do all I can to save my crew. We weren’t the first to arrive at your trap you see, another band of scavengers tried to get the jump on us. The first clue that bringing them here was mistake but we endured. We survived. We pushed on through and found more of your little “welcome home” presents for her royal highness. We even destroyed a few, took others. Funny thing is that I thought giving all of this info you left dotted around the place would bring some good out of that tomb. Maybe I could have brought closure to every other Alderaani survivor, but I had to sell that idea to the crew as a way of earning a little extra money on the top.

We met an old man who upon seeing us first told us about Another Chance and said he had a ship nearby or some other such bullshit. I did all I could to help him and we nearly did escape the palace but then your TIE fighters showed up. Credit where it’s due, you boys really don’t mess around when it comes to the Rebellion do you?

Look at me. Cameron Darkstar, son of Clone War hero Armitage Darkstar. Former TIE pilot, former shuttle pilot and Captain of the Galactic Empire and now I’m going to be thrown in a prison. Accused of being a traitor. I even heard Lord Vader himself is on the way. If you read this Grayson, I want you to relay to him from me;

I have never had the fortune of meeting the last survivor of the Alderaan Royal Family but I guess our sentiments are the same. My name is Cameron Darkstar, citizen of Aldera City, and I am STILL alive. I am winning.

- Darkstar, out.



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