On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Carvisek log 2

After are semi successful first mission at the mine we didn’t get much down time. Garth and Gail were making up, well I presume I went to the engine room when garth started trying to get us all involved. The captain came in to greet me after he was wondering if it was odd he was in his dressing drown I didn’t see the problem to be honest it not like we were on a mission. I think I accidently offended him as I felt he drinks a lot and after last night with the imperial he might want to calm it. He looked a bit shocked by it.
Mandell had us a bounty to hunt. 7000 credits for some treasure hunter and more for a relic. It was for Bargoss, (like we don’t do enough for him.) turns out this women stole the relic from him must have been good to get into the tighter secured areas even if the guards were commenting a munity. The bounty involves going on to a derelict ship might be able to find some good stuff for the traveller while we’re there too.
The vessel was Venator Class Star Destroyer would of a impressive ship in its time but now it was falling apart lost to space. The captain spilt us all up garth Tuber and I where to go down and hunt for goodies. We found an old cooking droid can’t wait to tinker with him, I’m going end up with a family of droid they’ll be less dysfunctional them this lot on board.
We got a message from Gail telling us she and Rats had communications with the astromech droid in the neighbouring vessel. Captain ordered us to headed back to help get on board only for us to find out him and Mandell where under attack by some clone that attached himself to the ship. Them the treasure hunter tells us to destroy the engines so we don’t destroy the ship. Gail and Ratz managed to get the droid to lower the ship defensive but couldn’t let us on the ship, I respect he’s loyalty to her hopeful I will have one like him. Me garth and Gail went and I got on with getting us in, it wasn’t too hard but I might of damage the door a little. We got on the ship and I easily accessed it to the ship. We were going to destroy the engines when we got told to stand down.
So the captain and Mandell got the treasure hunter and the relic and we know have a fire spray. Mandell asks if I can look under the traveller as Gail had saw EVI tinkering with the ship. We find only his memories stored, he must be worried we’re going to wipe him. It was heavy reading such harsh things had be done to him makes sense to why he the way he is. Whilst Mandell and Captain were interviewing the woman, I went to see what the droid needed. They finished talking and we had 3 days before we head to a bazaar to collect it. So I got to getting the cooking droid on line, did a fine good job he now happily cooking in are kitchen doesn’t like eggs for some reason, didn’t think Gail was impressed with that.
We got to the Bazaar which are fascinating, jungles villages in space, this is why I love traveling. Couldn’t wait to get rid of the treasure hunter, she never shut up. Too many questions but It was funny when she got in Garth face. The trade went smoothly and we got paid which is good as I need to send money to my Clan, they weren’t impressed last time, there never impressed when it comes to me.
Smooth didn’t last long as an assassin droid was in pursuit of someone it seemed important to the Captain so we went to investigate. Garth took down the droid with his new toys, he’s getting so many lately not sure how he afford it. Mandell was very keen to get the droid and wanted me to get it running, so he and tuber headed back to heal the miner with the remains of the droid. Captain said he had an important mission to do so we went around the village area to investigate. I and Gail ended up at the hospital to find out if there were any more human that had been shot. It didn’t go well Gail also insisted in smoking in a hospital had to take it off her see wasn’t happy, well to be fair she never seems to be. We got a com from Darkstar he wanted us to meet him in some gardens he had a lead. We went and manger to find the other assassin and the man Darkstar was after. The assassin was easily defeated but Dark star seemed very concerned he wouldn’t say what was up but you could tell it was big.
We got back to the ship and Darkstar needed us to go to the graveyard of Alderaan for information gathering, not sure on the detail but it was important to him so I agreed. Everyone else was unsure but he just persuaded them with money, always works in the Outta Rim. We managed to sell the fire spray but had to clean it first, man it been a long day. We stuck at Lantilliies in the mid-rim Gail overheated the ship wish she would be more careful with the traveller, she delicate. I’m calling it a night tomorrow I’ll see what Mandell wants me to do with his new droid friend.



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