On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Carviesk log 3

Today had been horrifying, stressful. I know the crew haven’t been getting on, but now I can’t help but feel we’re broken.
Mandel had killed Garth. Fair he had psychotic, impulsive tendencies, was becoming a problem but to kill him it seemed extreme to me. Even when we all had a meeting about the events he’s explanation was based on logic like Garth wasn’t a person it. I was already nervous about Mandel as I heard the story’s of bounty hunters ruthless ways but now I’m terrified, going to have to be very careful around him.
In the end Darkstar and me got him to promise he wouldn’t kill any of us, He agree but if we didn’t threaten his life. That wasn’t going to be a problem for Darkstar and me, Gail on the other hand I’m not so sure, her words were, “I won’t kill you but I’ll never forgive you for what you did?"
Weather she’ll be able to resist the urge when they have their punch up after are mission on Alderaan is other matter.
There were other problems, events but they seem so small, the ship engine blow had to buy a new one, less money to send to the clan meaning more bitchy remarks from Pumav.
I ended up being first officer, a role I’m not confident about but it’s temporary thank god.
A Trandoshan joined are crew according to Darkstar sent by the Hutts to help us. He’s rude, and tried flirting with me. Let’s hope he’s useful.
We at Alderann now ready to head into the mines. The captain looks on edge trying to hid his pain, not sure what to say, maybe best to leave it, I’ll end up offending him again.
Let’s hope we all don’t end up killing each other during this information gathering on the asteroids.



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