On The Edge Of An Empire - Star Wars

Arson Mandel's Mental Log #5

Right, so where were we?

Oh yeah. Greasy. Rude. Firing at us.

Our new ‘friend’, Sobecq, dropped pretty fast. Our captain saw it as good advice and did the same. I turned this impending disaster into an opportunity, propping Sobecq up, and hid behind him. My own form of makeshift cover.

21-BR ran around trying to keep people on their feet, while I remained unscathed and undeterred. I blasted the small fry and by the time it came to facing their decent shooter, someone who had avoided blaster shots almost as well as I had until this point; we had our entire roster back on their feet and I quickly lost interest in the matter.

We bound this shooter up, some Twi-lek woman if I’m not mistaken, and Sobecq started rummaging through the dead or incapacitated crew. He then drew a knife and stabbed it into one of the surviving member’s throats.

Carvisek and Gail did not take kindly to this at all. Apparently this Trandoshan is a bit too thick-skinned to feel the previous tensions in the air. I can even see the Captain isn’t too pleased about this. He had never ordered Sobecq to execute helpless men.

I move to Sobecq’s rear, with a hand on my carbine, and wait to see where the situation goes.

If there’s nothing I can’t stand, it’s open disregard for the Captain’s orders. Call me a hypocrite, but I’ve never openly betrayed the Captain, and I doubt I ever will. On the other hand, if he doesn’t make sure his rules are rules and not just guidelines, I may be having talks about whether he’s a strong enough person to stay Captain.

Gail and Carvisek talk him down from killing the other two. I make a point of hanging to the rear of the party so he doesn’t change his mind on the matter. I’m kind of wanting him to, though.

Then it comes to the decision of whether to take the decent shot with us. She’s clearly talented and we could do with knowing exactly how she came to be here. We don’t have the time to immediately heal her, so Cameron tells Sobecq to grab her and bring her with us. He insists that the droid should do it, probably because 21-BR made a point of placing it’s hand on his shoulder when it came to trying to kill the second incapacitated crew member.

I tell Sobecq that orders are orders. I look to Cameron to enforce them, but Carvisek then pipes up, saying that she will carry the Twi-Lek. I grit my teeth at this. I understand that Cameron made Carvisek first mate as the crew can’t especially trust me right now, but I was at least qualified. Carvisek has just undermined the Captain. If he gives someone orders, and they deny them. The first mate can’t then say ‘oh, I’ll do it, just to keep the peace’. It’s like she’s advertising that a mutiny is a viable option.

Sobecq is clearly taking advantage of the lack of proper leadership, here. And I honestly can’t blame him. If the first mate is making a point of stepping around him, then by all means do what you want. The Captain really needs to reel that in before it becomes pure dissent on all sides.

We check through a few rooms of this palace, it starts to feel more like a museum. Holo-projectors are set up everywhere. We enter into one room with a bunch of benches on the walls, it has a clear open space in the middle. Quite spacious really, but still otherwise a waste of your time. Another damn holo-projector comes on and everyone but myself and Sobecq start listening to it like they are on a blasted museum tour!

I try and explain to the Captain that we are in fact escaping from the FUCKING IMPERIAL ARMY and he’s having none of it. Telling me to quieten down so he can listen. Gail chimes in with him. As the projector finishes whatever babbling it was doing. Some decrepit old man makes himself seen at the opposite side of the room, displaying a door for us to go through.

Gail shoots me a smarmy grin, which is quickly wiped off her face when Storm troopers and their leading officer burst in the room from behind us.

I make a mental note of this travesty of a situation the Captain just put us in and whip around with my carbine. I gun one down, miss the second and take a nasty shot to the gut. My usual reflexes failing me in a crisis.

If I take another shot like that, I’m down and out. I’ve seen from the previous fight that I can’t rely on the others. Everyone but myself was taken out at some point.

To highlight this fact, the officer takes a well aimed shot at 21-BR. It remains active, but I can see that we may not be able to rely on it for too much longer.

I take drastic measures, injecting myself with two stim-packs and then letting rip with my carbine.

I take one Stormtrooper down, then whip my gun skyward, hitting the unstable ceiling and blocking off a clear shot for the officer.

We take this opportunity to make quick tracks out the revealed doorway, bringing the old man with us.

Before long we find ourselves in a hangar, having carefully mined away obstructions. In the hangar is just short of a dozen Stormtroopers, who thankfully are unaware of our presence.

The Captain spots a shield generator we could make use of. As we are still in our space suits, the lack of atmosphere won’t be a problem. We each line up our shots and blast away. The generator goes offline, much to the Stormtroopers’ dismay. Gail also gets whipped up from the sudden change in pressure. I make use of the opportunity and cut her fastenings, but Sobecq holds her down. Still, no one saw me, so it just looks like poor rope on the Captain’s part.

We grab 21-Br and the old man, who we had left in the previous room, venture into the ship still waiting in the now otherwise empty hangar, and Gail slowly brings us out the narrow opening into open space.

Seven TIE fighters are waiting for us. I’m no good with the ship’s guns and Gail decides that dodging isn’t a good idea. After the hull takes a battering, she changes her tactics.. We still get throttled, but take out 2/3rds of the TIEs.

Shit then hits the fan. A Star Destroyer makes it’s way into our line of sight. I am shitting myself and begin desperately looking around. I find a hidden cargo space underneath the seat, but it’s not big enough to fit a man. I have to go an alternate route.

Shoving Sobecq out of the way. I let Gail know that Garth went out like a coward. I grab the binder cuffs Garth broke, slide them on my hands so they look legitimate and then take a sharp jab to the face from Gail.

She throws a half dozen punches, barely injuring me, but slowly building up. I’m talking to her about how I slit Garth’s throat, and how he was too stupid to have made recompense. Too stupid to even fathom he had done wrong. I let her know that his death would benefit many people, including her, but she’s too up her own ass to see it.

At some point, I think she realised she couldn’t hurt me fast enough with her fists alone. She switches to her blaster and shoots me in the leg. The wound thankfully cauterizes and I don’t need to worry about bleeding out.

I looked to Carvisek and Cameron, noting their lack of action. They allowed Gail to shoot me. I fell backwards, landing roughly on my falsely-bound hands.

We are moments away from being boarded, and people are making use of the hidden compartment I discovered, hoping to save some of their equipment. It’ll be a miracle if we can even get back to this shuttle to recover them, but there’s nothing wrong with a little hope every now and again.

We land in the hangar, Gail looks down at me, then reaches for my mask. I break my act to grab her wrist. I throw her arm away from me, sliding my hand back underneath myself and into the binders, just in time for the shuttle doors to open.



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